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The history of coffee on show at Villoresi Est


The MUMAC Collection is the world’s biggest collection of vintage professional espresso coffee machines. So it’s a great honour to be able to display some of these fantastic models at Villoresi Est, from 5 November onwards.

Being multimedia and multisensory, MUMAC is much more than an exhibition: it’s an evocative experience, a journey through design and technology and industrial and social progress in succeeding eras.

The undisputed star of the event will obviously be espresso coffee, with all its rituals, places and social connotations.

The models on display - chrome-plated and statuesque, some impressively big – will fascinate and intrigue visitors to Villoresi Est with their beauty and variety of designs.

The machines Autogrill will be showing include some of the most significant in terms of technological innovation, the history of design and of the famous manufacturer brands, such as “La Cimbali”, “La Faema” and “La Pavoni”.

So come along to Villoresi Est: it will a perfect opportunity to look back over a hundred years of history, style and costume.


Visit Mumac's website.

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