Architecture & Environment

The project as a system


Villoresi Est represents a crucial step in Autogrill sustainability efforts.

The service area embodies a number of innovative,
expert solutions that optimize energy consumption
and resource use while safeguarding nature and the environment.

These are based on the international best practices
for environmental protection summed up in our A-future Roadmap











Architecture & Environment / The building - LEED standards

The building - LEED standards

Villoresi Est complies with the energy efficiency and
environmental impact guidelines established in the LEED standards

The project was designed by studio Total Tool’s Giulio Ceppi and implemented in cooperation with Starching and Geoenergia.
ICMQ has  been the LEED consultant of the project during in the  design phase as well as the construction phase.
The new Autogrill resembles a volcano, gradually rising above the surrounding countryside until it reaches a height of 27.5 meters. Villoresi Est is made of eco-friendly, recyclable building materials, and the entire skeleton of the approximately 2,500 m2 building is constructed of PEFC-certified glued laminate timber from sustainable forests. The building is constructed of eco-friendly, recyclable materials. From its paved asphalt to its imposing roof, this one-of-a-kind structure is a visual stand-out, its fluid design calling to mind the experience of “rest in motion” typically enjoyed by travelers passing through these parts.



Design sketches by Giulio Ceppi

Design for all

Marchio Quality

Villoresi Est received the DfA- Quality mark awarded by the Association Design For all Italy to acknowledge project complying with excellence requirements in accessible design. Villoresi Est is based on Design for all standards. The building is designed to be fully accessible and to offer numerous services to every kind of traveler who passes through it, from families to businesspeople to truckers to women to those with limited mobility.


The building’s innovative interior design breaks down architectural, perceptual and cultural barriers, offering a cutting-edge business experience where all travelers will feel safe and comfortable as they move through the facility freely and easily.



Green spaces

Villoresi Est features 19,000 m2 of green spaces, which make up approximately 30% of its total area.

Landscaping was designed to blend seamlessly into the vegetation of the surrounding countryside; nearby Parco delle Groane harbors numerous trees – including maples, sycamores, poplars and birches – and autochthonous shrubs such as hawthorn, forsythia and Spanish broom.



Planimetry by Crivelli Progetti