Technology & Sustainability

Solar and geothermal energy
make Villoresi Est a living, high-tech organism


Villoresi Est racks up 166 megawatts of energy savings per year
in comparison to a traditional Autogrill, which is the equivalent of the energy
consumed by 40 average families in a year.
This reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 59%.











Technology & Sustainability / Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

Villoresi Est features numerous technological innovations including a solar roof that harvests energy from the sun and a closed-circuit geothermal plant whose 25-meter-deep geothermal probes can supply 380 kilowatts of geothermal energy.

Depending on the season, the 420 vertical probes extract or deposit heat. Furthermore, in some weather conditions, Villoresi Est can go completely off the grid, generating all of the energy it needs.

The solar roof and geothermal plant allow us to produce 45% of the electricity needed for heating and air-conditioning, which equates to the amount of energy 40 families use in a year!



Water recycling

The building is equipped with a system to collect and recycle rainwater and groundwater, which are used in the air conditioning, green irrigation, toilets and fire protection system. This allows us to save approximately 25,550 cubic meters of water per year, the equivalent of more than 10 Olympic-sized pools or the domestic consumption of 128 families.



Technology & Sustainability / Design for all and services

Design for all and services

Design for all is more than a simple design philosophy. It’s a worldview. During the project development phase, we identify client needs in order to ensure that we completely break down architectural barriers and guarantee maximum freedom of movement for everyone who passes through the facility.


The Villoresi Est parking lot is equipped with a well-designed video surveillance system and protected passenger walkways to keep you safe during your stay. A tactile path guides the visually impaired from the parking lot to the facility. Reserved parking is available for families, people with disabilities and electric cars stopping in to recharge.


Customer service begins at our front door. As you step into our Autogrill, you will be greeted by our welcome desk and concierge, where staff are available to answer travel-related questions and to explain the services and facilities available at Villoresi Est. You will also discover an innovative service experience at Ciao, our assisted-service restaurant, where Autogrill staff will help you prepare your tray – a service especially designed for families with children, people with motor impairments, or those with bags or briefcases which may limit mobility. Finally, our marketplace features low, widely-spaced display cases designed to be accessible for everyone.