Autogrill Group

Autogrill is the world’s leading provider
of food & beverage and retail services for travelers.

With some 63,000 employees in 38 countries, Autogrill is proud to manage approximately 5,300 points of sale 
in about 1,200 locations. The Group operates primarily by means of concession agreements
in airports, train stations and service areas, yet also boasts a selective presence in high street,
shopping centers, exhibition complexes and other cultural facilities.

The Company is active in the Food & Beverage
and Travel Retail & Duty-Free industries. Historically,
Autogrill has focused on the former sector, with most
operations in Europe and North America.
On the other hand, our Travel Retail sector, which is run
by the World Duty Free Group, has a strong presence in
Europe yet also operates in the Middle East,
North and South America and Asia.

The Company manages a portfolio
of over 350internationally renowned
and local brands.




Autogrill Group / A-Future


Corporate_Logo A-future_01

A-future, Shape our tomorrow

Launched in 2007, A-future aims to promote environmentally friendly innovations and economic efficiency at our Autogrill points of sale. The project has evolved over time to expand beyond environmental topics; today, it spans a variety of initiatives to promote
and enhance sustainability in three strategic fields – People, Product and Planet.


In 2012, these three fields became the basis for the guidelines put into effect in the 2012-2015 Sustainability Roadmap, which aims to identify, design and implement sustainability initiatives. In the 2012-2015 period, Autogrill is committed to:

  • promoting employee health and safety
  • reducing energy and water consumption
  • re-thinking packaging materials
  • reducing costs of these measures

Find out more on Autogrill Sustainability.

Autogrill Group / The Sustainability Roadmap

The Sustainability Roadmap

A route for 2015

Autogrill has defined its Sustainability Roadmap for the 2012-2015 three-year time span: a strategic orientation of reference to integrate a sustainable approach with the management of the operations of the two business segment s (Food & Beverage and Travel Retail & Duty-Free); a guide towards innovation for the Group companies to identify, design and implement actions consistent with the objectives defined by Autogrill.
The primary objective of the Roadmap is the definition of new steps to improve the Group’s performance and favor, both inside and outside the organization, an innovation-driven process targeted to products and services that combines creativity and sustainability.





Autogrill Group / Sustainability projects across the globe

Sustainability projects across the globe


Progetti A-future_Ravenna_01

Mensa di Ravenna

Opened in 2009 on the E45 at Mensa di Ravenna, this 400 square meter construction features a green roof that provides insulation and thermal stability.The Mensa building was designed for great environmental results. By using geothermal energy for heating and cooling, we reduced CO2 emissions and saved 30-40% on air conditioning costs.







delawareDelaware Welcome Center – USA

The Delaware Welcome Center (USA) is the only rest stop on the Delaware Turnpike (I-95), which has the
highest vehicle traffic of any highway in North America. Opened in 2010, the service area occupies approximately 4,000 square meters and was designed and built to LEED® Silver standards. The site features numerous innovations including: geothermal plant, recycled materials, photocatalytic paint waterless toilets electric car charging stations






Ontario – Canada

In partnership with Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, in 2010 Autogrill launched a project to rebuild 23 service centers. Autogrill erected new stations which follow Leed® Silver standards along Highway 400 and 401, the two most traveled highways in Canada.
To date, 14 renovated sites have achieved major sustainability objectives, reducing consumption ofpotable water by about 40% and energy costs by 24%.





O’Hare Urban Garden - Aeroporto di Chicago

In 2011, Autogrill opened the first “aeroponic” garden in the world inside Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. In this model, plants are suspended in a mineral solution rather than soil and misted with nutrient-enhanced water. More than 40 types of herbs and vegetables – including lettuce, basil, oregano, beans and parsley – are grown in the 26 two-and-a-half meter towers and utilized in the airport’s restaurants.





Amsterdam1Fair Taste Cafè – Aeroporto di Amsterdam

Located in Lounge 1 of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, Fair Taste Café is the first sustainable grab and go concept. Thanks to its completely green design, recycled materials and organic, fair trade products, the Café won Schiphol airport’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility Award.