Villoresi Est for All

A whole set of services
guaranteed to please


  • Food for all
  • Electric cars
  • Kids&Family
  • Business Lounge
  • Truckers
  • Fido Park






Villoresi Est for All / Food for all

Food for all

At Villoresi Est, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of foods designed in light of modern dietary habits and crafted to meet the needs of even the most discerning travelers: we offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, singleserving gluten-free meals and soy milk.



Villoresi Est for All / Electric cars

Electric cars

Villoresi Est is pleased to offer the first ever electric car charging station on an Italian motorway. Stop by and charge your electric vehicle in less than half an hour!  Now, thanks to Autogrill, the eV-Now! Foundation, Nissan and LOGINET, hop into your electric vehicle and head from Milan to Varese, Malpensa or Switzerland without worrying about running out of juice.
And it’s fast and universal! Your battery will be 80% recharged in just 15 minutes for partially-charged batteries and 30 minutes for nearly empty batteries.  Moreover, thanks to double recharge point, offering both AC and DC power through two different connectors, you will be able to recharge nearly 100% of electric vehicles.

Free recharge for the first year!

Incubatore_Servizi_Ev-now_01 Incubatore_Servizi_Loginet_01 Incubatore_Servizi_Nissan_01



Villoresi Est for All / Kids & Family

Kids & Family

Autogrill is pleased to offer a full range of services for families, designed for your comfort and safety and to make you feel at home during your stay at Villoresi Est.

  • Parking spots reserved for women and families
    featuring assisted access paths leading to our retail outlet
  • Indoor and outdoor Play area
  • Outdoor Relaxation area
    with stretching equipment
  • Picnic area
    with tables and benches
  • Fido Park
    for pets
  • Toilet Lounge
    with family room

Villoresi Est for All / Business lounge

Business lounge

For business travelers, Villoresi Est is pleased to offer the following services:


  • Office on the move
    with free wi-fi and power sockets for charging your computer and phone conveniently located near seats
  • Business center
    with two conference rooms equipped with LED video wall, video conference system, dedicated Wifi and a catering service
  • Free iPad
    for real-time updates, web check-in, etc.
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Books
    on management

Reserve the Business Lounge for your business on the move

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Reserver Now

More info:
email us at villoresi.est@autogrill.it or call us at + 39.02.9372098.



Truckers stopping at Villoresi Est Autogrill will enjoy:

  • Reserved parking
    for more than 60 trucks with safe, well-lit paths
  • A dedicated video surveillance system
    so you can always keep an eye on your truck from inside the service area
  • A Toilette Lounge
    equipped with showers, hair dryers, washers, dryers and vending machines stocked with basic toiletries.

Fido Park


Your pets will love “Fido Park,” a large outdoor space designed for

your special pal that contains an agility course, running water, and

comfortable benches for you to relax.