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Discover the location / Villoresi: history

Villoresi: history

The Autostrada dei laghi and Villoresi Ovest

Villoresi Est lies on the Autostrada dei laghi. More than 30 million vehicles take this route every year, making it one of the most traveled motorways in Italy. On the other side side of the roadway, you’ll find one of the most iconic Autogrill facilities from the Group’s early years, Villoresi Ovest, which was designed by Pavesi and Bianchetti and opened its doors in 1958.

In 1960, LIFE magazine ran a feature proclaiming it a symbol of the economic boom and the fulfillment of dreams of modernity in post-war Italy. More than sixty years later, Autogrill has again imbued the Autostrada dei Laghi with its spirit of innovation. The avant-garde futuristic architecture of Villoresi Est represents a new chapter in this storied history.



Picture: Archivio Arch. J. Bianchetti

Discover the location / Lainate, Ninfeo of Villa Litta

Lainate, Ninfeo of Villa Litta

Lainate is nestled between Parco delle Groane and the remains of the ancient Guasti Forest, which at one time stretched all the way to Varese. The municipality, once framed by the Lura and Bozzente streams, which flowed from Comasco and Varesotto, is now crossed by the Villoresi Canal. It lies at the junction between major routes, including the Milano – Laghi highway, which branches toward Varese and Como at Lainate.

The grandiose Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta complex is one of the most splendid sites in Lainate. The Villa, which  dates back to the sixteenth century, is situated on nearly three hectares of land. Famous for its nymphaeum, the Villa once entertained intellectuals including Foscolo and Stendhal and is one of the most exquisite examples of Renaissance culture in Lombardy. The Villa’s historic park is a member of some of the most prestigious international garden networks and houses 56 species of trees as well as an 800-meter-long hornbeam arcade, one of the longest such structures in Europe. From May through October, the Villa welcomes events, concerts and guided tours. Don’t miss the nymphaeum’s spectacular fountains!


Visit the Municipality of Lainate website.



Discover the location / Groane Park

Groane Park

The Parco delle Groane bridges the Province of Monza and Brianza and the Province of Milan and is situated to the northwest of the fashion capital. The Park is managed by a consortium comprising the Province of Milan, the Municipality of Milan and the other districts that house it.

Vist the Parco Groane website.



Discover the location / WWF Oasis of Vanzago

WWF Oasis of Vanzago

On the outskirts of Milan, you’ll discover the WWF Oasis of Vanzago, one of the last remaining forests in the Padan Plain. Located inside a Site of Community Importance in the Municipality of Vanzago (Milan), the Oasis is also a Special Protection Area.

The nature reserve spans approximately 200 hectares and features the forests characteristic of the Padan Plain. The WWF Oasis of Vanzago also harbors a Wild Animal Recovery Center (CRAS) – a bona fide animal hospital featuring an “emergency room” where WWF veterinarians minister to animals that are wounded or in need of care and then release them back into their natural habitat.


Visit the WWF Oasis of Vanzago website.



Discover the location / The Villoresi canal

The Villoresi canal

Canale_VilloreiThe Villoresi canal is fed by water from the Ticino River, near the Pan Perduto dam, in the municipality of Somma Lombardo. Lying almost exclusively in the province of Milan, it crisscrosses lush green landscapes including the Parco del Roccolo and the Parco delle Groane before flowing into the Adda River in the municipality of Cassano d’Adda.

Designed by Eugenio Villoresi and constructed between 1881 and 1891, the waterway is the longest artificial canal in Italy. It is partially bordered by a charming and accessible cycling trail perfect for the whole family. Trails are part of an effort to enhance the waterside towpaths beloved by bicycle tourists. They also provide a swift connection between the municipalities served by the canal.

Visit the website of the Consorzio di bonifica Est Ticino Villoresi