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The history of coffee on show

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Shopping Experience

Villoresi Est For All

Villoresi Est For All


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The history of coffee on show

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European success for Autogrill & WWF


The project as a system

Architecture & The Environment

Villoresi Est represents a crucial step in Autogrill's sustainability efforts, which are summed up in our A-future Roadmap. The service area is emblematic of the Group’s best practice for sustainable innovation. We look forward to implementing these innovative efforts at other points of sale across our international network in the future.

The building - LEED standards

Design for all

Green spaces

Sustainable innovation

Un progetto sostenibile - Raccolta acque piovane
Un progetto sostenibile - Risparmio energetico
Un progetto sostenibile - Per tutti

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Paths and itineraries near Villoresi Est

Villoresi Est lies on the Autostrada dei laghi. More than 30 million vehicles take this route every year, making it one of the most traveled motorways in Italy.

The new Autogrill project is located on one of the main Italian thoroughfares at the heart of a charming landscape brimming with natural and artistic beauty.

Autostrada dei laghi and Villoresi Ovest

On the other side side of the roadway, you'll find one of the most iconic facilities from the Group's early years, Villoresi Ovest, which was designed by Pavesi and Bianchetti and opened its doors in 1958.

In 1960, LIFE magazine ran a feature proclaiming it a symbol of the economic boom and the fulfillment of dreams of modernity in post-war Italy.

More than sixty years later, Autogrill has again imbued the Autostrada dei Laghi with its spirit of innovation. The avant-garde, futuristic architecture of Villoresi Est represents a new chapter in this storied history.

Ninfeo of Villa Litta

Lainate is nestled between Parco delle Groane and the remains of the ancient Guasti Forest, which at one time stretched all the way to Varese. The municipality, once framed by the Lura and Bozzente streams, which flowed from Comasco and Varesotto, is now crossed by the Villoresi Canal.

The grandiose Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta complex is one of the most splendid sites in Lainate. The Villa, which dates back to the sixteenth century, is one of the most exquisite examples of Renaissance culture in Lombardy.


Groane Park

Established in 1976, the Groane is one of Lombardy's Regional Parks. It spans more than 3,000 hectares of the northern plains of Lombardy to the northwest of Milan.
The park is home to a rich variety of fauna and flora and contains several points of geological interest as well as numerous sites famed for their exceptional historical and artistic value and points of industrial archeological interest.


Oasi WWF di Vanzago

On the outskirts of Milan, you’ll discover the WWF Oasis of Vanzago, one of the last remaining forests in the Padan Plain. Located inside a Site of Community Importance in the Municipality of Vanzago (Milan), the Oasis is also a Special Protection Area.


Canale Villoresi

The Villoresi canal is fed by water from the Ticino River, near the Pan Perduto dam, in the municipality of Somma Lombardo. Lying almost exclusively in the province of Milan, it crisscrosses lush green landscapes including the Parco del Roccolo and the Parco delle Groane before flowing into the Adda River in the municipality of Cassano d’Adda.


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Delicious & Tasty

Logo Spizzico


The bakery is the star at our café, which boasts a wide range of tantalizing savory and sweet products.

Logo Territori d'Italia

Territori d'Italia

Traditional Italian delicatessen that celebrates typical flavours.

Logo Ciao


Freshly-grilled specialties and main courses, the heart of open kitchen guaranteed to please.

Logo Motta


A welcoming Caffè in a relaxing, tasteful setting where to stay always connected with the world.



Shopping Experience

High-end shopping
on the highway

For the first time ever, enjoy a novel shopping experience featuring the atmosphere of a duty-free store or luxurious high-end boutique while on the road. Check out our: High-tech & Electronics, Mondadori Bookshop, Toys & Kids, Home design, Fashion & Jewellery, Sunglasses, Beauty & Make up, Travel

This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a gift for that special someone – or for you from our selection of top brands.

High tech & Electronics



Home design

Fashion &


Beauty &
Make up


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Business lounge


For business travelers, Villoresi Est is pleased to offer the following services:

  • office on the move with free wi-fi and power sockets for charging your computer and phone conveniently located near seats;

  • business center with two conference rooms equipped with projectors, microphones, printers and a catering service


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